Friday, October 4, 2019

Five on Friday: Funny Business (Cards)

When I was at college in the early 90s, there were business card vending machines at copying centers and random train stations. We college students loved making random business cards for ourselves. When I studied in Spain for a semester, they had a machine at the train station so I made some cards for myself that said: 

Gina Sampaio

("Extranjera" means "foreigner" in English. I cracked myself up then, I crack myself up now.)

I don't think they have those machines around anymore but we do have the equally-cheesy equivalent of Microsoft Word Business Card Templates. I spent entirely too long having fun using them to make some funny business cards for what my life is like now. Maybe I will crack someone else up besides myself . . . enjoy:

1. This is true, he tells me all the time:

2. Me dressed as Miss Hannigan is the perfect photo for this one:

 3.  "Oh, she's one of those fancy Moms" (Actual quote circa 2004)

4. I am terrible at overnight sleeping, awesome at napping.

Artist's rendition of me sleeping

5. The other night I went into my 9-year-old daughter's room to say goodnight. I found her sitting up in bed with her teacher's pointer in hand, reading a bedtime story to her dolls. She introduced me to her class as "tonight's special visitor, a tucking-in professional." Because of that, this one is my favorite:

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