Friday, September 27, 2019

Five on Friday: Guest Blogger Giacomo

Yes, Giacomo is the name of my Vespa. Don't worry, I'm not that into him that I think he can write a blog post for me today. But I have been riding a lot lately, now that the kids are in school so I don't have schlep them on my errands (not to mention the weather has been perfect).

Though when it came to a choice between these two for food shopping . . . well, Overkill Jones won that one.

When you drive a pink Vespa around, the stories just come to you, so in a way this is Giacomo's post. These are the best things that have happened to me in just this past week of riding:

1. I keep running into my friend's Mom at the local thrift shop, but this week was the first time she saw me on the scooter. She said that she used to drive a "little red Renault" years ago when she was single, because she wanted to get people's attention. I let her know I get lots of attention on this thing! (Case in point, below)

2. I get so many smiles and waves! Friends, strangers, motorcyclists (makes me feel like a legit rider when they wave). The best was when I drove past the school while my son was outside with his cross country team. One of them noticed me and then they all started smiling and waving.

3. I was out on a ride and saw a hot air balloon pretty close to the ground and then figured out where it was landing. When I pulled over to watch, I saw one of my son's friends there who immediately said, "Cool bike!"

4. Our friend Anthony's Dad also drives a Vespa and though I've seen him around, we've never spoken before. He was parked on Main Street when he saw me turn the corner so he gestured wildly to get me to pull over to talk. 

"Who was telling me about your Vespa?"

"It was Anthony."

"Anthony . . . Anthony . . . Anthony . . . Anthony who?"

Okay, I guess I caught him off guard but that made me giggle all day. Also I think we might have a gang now.

5. There's an interesting older man that stops into my Museum occasionally. He once had a rooster named Henry that he was very fond of. So fond of, in fact, that when it died, he had it stuffed and donated it to the Museum. Visiting children love it. He has also told me that he used to ride a Vespa "way before you were born." 

I parked Giacomo at the library on Monday and he pulled in right behind me. He said he wanted to introduce me to his wife and led me over to her saying, "This is the new Curator."

I extended my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Gina."

She rolled her eyes at her husband, saying, "You said it was Lisa."

To be fair, I did warn you that this might happen.


  1. Is it wrong that I hope Overkill Jones is big enough for you to take Giacomo on vacation with you? Giacomo seems the type want to see the world.

  2. I hope one day that is our reality . . .!