Friday, October 11, 2019

Five on Friday: My Life is a Round of MASH Realized!

The other day I was thinking about the Middle School game of MASH--you know, the one where you have to come up with options for who you will marry, where you will live, etc? It's always the most fun when you put some serious choices along with some terrible and/or ridiculous ones.

I still play this game with the kids sometimes, mainly on road trips and mainly with them answering the questions since I'm already married and all that. But I realized . . . my real life is basically a MASH game come to fruition with mostly the unbelievable-to-14-year-old-me options as the winners:

1. I married that weird boy from Fresman Choir.
2. I have five (!!!) kids.
3. I drive a pink Vespa.
4. I got married in Las Vegas.
5. I live ten miles from my parents. 

This life would probably seem outrageous to 14-year-old me but 45-year-old me really loves it.

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