Friday, August 9, 2019

Five on Friday: Things My Son Will Let His Own Kids Do

 This week's list is brought to you by my 11-year-old son:

1. When I grow up, I'm going to let my kids put a dart board right next to the window. I'm going to have a totally sick house for them: a huge mansion with a helicopter landing pad on top and a six car garage.

Are you going to have six cars?

Probably. And mini golf that starts at the top of the house and goes to the bottom of the house. And a glass bridge that goes to a separate house for the kids. 

Wow, really? What else are you going to let your kids do?

2. I'm totally going to let them drive golf carts.


3. I'm also going to let them have, like, five dogs. Five Pomskies.

Is a Pomsky a type of dog?

Yeah, Mom, it's a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky.

Wow. And are you going to let your kids eat whatever they want?

4. Well, I'll make sure they eat their vegetables but I'll only make them eat carrots. And apples. I'm going to let them eat a lot of candy but I’ll make them work it off because I’ll also have a gym in my house and also a secret room and also an underground tunnel to the other house that has a treadmill in it. 

Anything else that you're going to . . .

5. Oh! Wait, wait! I know! I'm going to let my kids stand right on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Ha, ha. That's the one I believe least of all.

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