Friday, April 12, 2019

Five on Friday: Note to My Younger Self

The other day someone asked on Twitter, "What would you tell your younger self if you could?" I always have trouble trying to answer that because younger me probably wouldn't listen anyway, so it couldn't be something all serious and life-lesson-y.

Instead I think I would tell me:

1. Sorry, but you don't drive a cool car anymore.

Me, younger, with cooler car

2. You do have a Vespa, though, so that's pretty great.

Me, older, with alternate cool vehicle

3. You're never going to believe who you end up marrying. Also the number of kids might be a bit of a shock. Sorry 'bout that.

4. You get to keep Babci a pretty long time and she meets of all your kids.

 5. You still have streaks in your hair but now they're all naturel. Basically, you still kick ass, so don't worry.

These highlights just grew this way! Here you are, younger you, old inside an uncool car but killing it anyway.

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