Friday, April 5, 2019

Five on Friday: No Más Screen Time Por Favor

My youngest son has a lot of great qualities. He loves helping people and teachers love him for that. I frequently get messages from other parents praising him for being so kind, thoughtful and caring.

Being human, he of course also has some areas he could improve upon. He's always been absolutely terrible at entertaining himself. When faced with free time, he follows me around whining about not knowing what to do and asking for screen time. He's also a terrible liar.

Which brings us to our current predicament: he's not owning up to a mistake made, despite our various attempts to get him to fess up. My husband and I know we don't have the whole truth and have tried talking him together, separately, playing good cop/bad cop, offering him the chance to write it down or tell his older sister . . . nope, nope, nope. 

So until we're satisfied that we're getting the truth, he's not allowed to have any screen time. Because he knows he just has to tell us the whole story before he gets it back, he's miraculously figuring out ways to entertain himself. While I still want the truth, he's been doing such a wonderful job of occupying himself and not bothering me that I am perfectly happy with him not having screen time ever again.

He has been:

1. Rearranging the posters on his wall

2. Playing the drums

3. Building things with his cool new light-up Lego-type blocks

4. Taking things apart to see how they work

5. Playing nicely with his younger sister. Considering the fact that they are practically allergic to each other, this one is the most miraculous of all.

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