Friday, April 19, 2019

Five on Friday: Last Day of Being 44

Years ago on the day before my oldest son's birthday, I remarked, "Hey! It's your last day of being 5! What are you going to do?"

I thought it was a fun question. He got all existential and moody and began lamenting his wasted year.

In spite of that initial backfire, I continue to ask all the kids that question on the day before their birthdays. Results vary but have always been more upbeat than that first answer.

Now it's my turn. Tomorrow is my last day of being 44 and ideally I'd like to:

1. Sleep all night

2. Not have any power struggles with Little Miss Sassypants*

3. Thoroughly enjoy being two even numbers for the last time for 365 days (I can't explain my hatred of odd numbers, don't ask)

4. Appreciate that if I'm turning an odd number, at least it's a 5. (I really can't explain why 5 is the least offensive of the odd numbers, let's just chalk it up to one of my lovable quirks)

5.  Finish the 2018 Family Movie. The latest I've ever gotten it done is February . . . maybe early March. This year has been a different sort of hectic with starting my new job and it's just slipped through the cracks. I promised myself I'd get it done by my birthday. And then I think I'll get started on the first third of the 2019 Family Movie to avoid this situation next year . . . though I'm pretty sure I said that last year, so wish me luck.

Internet Law says you must share a baby picture on your birthday. I'm just following the rules.

*To be honest, I'd really like 1 & 2 every single day of my life

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  1. Hi. I understand the thing about even and odd numbers!! My daughter's birthday has all odd numbers. I'd like it to be even, but having them all odd helps me feel better about it. Weird how our brains work. I prefer 5 to other odd numbers as well.