Friday, April 26, 2019

Five on Friday: Spring Break Firsts

Today's the last day of Spring Break in which we really didn't have any plans aside from six dental cleanings and three check-ups (we really know how to party).

I've been enjoying everyone's vacation pictures online and started to feel a little bad that we didn't do anything fun with our week off. Then I told myself to snap out of it. First of all, we do plenty of fun stuff year-round. We also always take a great summer vacation and a few smaller trips every year. And, when I think about it, we actually had a lot of firsts this Spring Break!

1. First time my youngest son got through vaccinations without a major freakout. A few years ago when he should have been outgrowing his fear of shots and didn't, I realized that it was more of a phobia than just a fear. I put some numbing cream on his arms in anticipation even though I knew it was probably expired. It was, but provided enough of a placebo effect to get him through it without tears.

2. First time in YEARS I've been to the dentist for a cleaning and didn't have to go back for a filling or other dental work! I inherited great skin and teeth but my teeth are usually a wreck in spite of all the brushing and flossing.

Look, Ma, no cavities!

3. We went to visit my adopted kids' biological Great-Grandma and she said that she thought both my girls would "get heavy" as they got older . . . that was a first! Honestly, it didn't bother me at all because the girls didn't get upset and also a 90-year-old woman is pretty much allowed to say whatever she wants. But I also sort of *loved* that she said it . . . things like that, brutal Great-Grandma honesty, make me really feel like part of the family.

4. First time I brought my child to work on Bring Your Child to Work Day. Okay, fine, it was sort of by accident. I had planned a fun kids event at the Museum I work at so that families would have something to entertain kids over Spring Break. After I had the event planned, someone pointed out that it was also Bring Your Child to Work Day.  My youngest was interested in making candles and playing games so she came with me and had a great time.

5.  My kids' older sister (that doesn't live with us) is here visiting for the weekend. This is *not* the first time she's stayed with us, we've loved hosting her for a week in the summer before. However, this is the first time that the kids arranged it more or less on their own. The adults didn't know about the planning and it all worked out just fine . . . and as much as I want the kids to remember that they need to ask before doing something like this, it's hard to be mad when it's their sister. I love that they are in each other's lives.

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