Friday, February 15, 2019

Five on Friday: If This Mom Made Candy Hearts

Anybody see this making the rounds yesterday? It made me chuckle and start to think about what candy hearts would say if I designed them. I actually did design some candy hearts years ago in a card for my husband, who at the time was just a friend with a shared sense of humor  (ten years of friendship turns out to be a great basis for a marriage, if you were wondering)

But what would my MOM hearts say? I had some ideas of my own but I thought it would be more fun ask the kids what sort of thing I say to them the most that would be good for these.

Here's what each one of them decided on:

1. 18-year-old daughter: "When do you need the car?"
2. 16-year-old son: "Are you really not going to wear a jacket?"
3. 12-year-old son: "SOMEONE LET THE DOG OUT"
4. 10-year-old son: "Did you brush your hair?"
5. 8-year-old daughter: "I asked you nicely the first five times"