Friday, February 8, 2019

Five on Friday: New Job Firsts

We've survived the first two weeks of Mom working two jobs while still making it to most of the basketball games and dinner every night. We've also started to adjust to the first time of Mom working on Saturdays and late on Thursdays.

And so many other firsts around here related to the new job! Like:

1. I accidentally made the alarm go off at my new job for the first time! Rite of passage at any new place of employment, right? I did manage to get it all under control *before* the Police showed up, so that's a bonus.
I felt like that momentous occasion warranted a selfie.

2. First time for After Care! Technically we could rely on the help of Grandparents, friends and teenage siblings but my youngest can be a bit of a wildcard sometimes, especially for the siblings. It occurred to me that she has ALWAYS wanted to go to After Care so I (& the teens) consider it a win-win situation.

3. The Museum I'm now working at previously had no indoor plumbing or running water. That's right, the former Curator was using an outhouse and hand sanitizer for 30 years. I would love to tell you that I was the first one to be able to use the indoor toilet but someone else accidentally did that (the bathroom water wasn't even properly turned on yet!). But I was definitely the first one to wash my hands in the new kitchen sink, so there.

If you zoom in you will notice how clean my hand is.
4.  Guess who was the lucky duck to be the first person to find the source of the weird smell upstairs that happened to be a dead mouse? THIS GAL! (Fortunately most of my discoveries at the museum have been way less gross than this.)

5. The Museum isn't open to the public yet so I've had some flexibility with my schedule, including only working until 5 yesterday so I could do the first After Care pick up. That was nice, I liked being able to shake the hand of the person who'd be watching my kid. I was really hungry by that time and patting myself on the back for having dinner so lined up that all the teens had to do was stick in the oven . . . only to come home and realize they did every job I had asked them to do except that. We'll have to work on that for next week.

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