Friday, February 22, 2019

Five on Friday: You Look Tired

I guess I'm getting too old for people to accidentally insult me by asking if I'm pregnant so they've moved on to remarking on how tired I look.

It happened to me on Monday. I wasn't even feeling tired  at the time so I was really caught off-guard and just mumbled something in response. But I walked away wondering what purpose telling someone they look tired could possibly serve . . . ?

I decided I'd better be prepared next time (because we all know it will happen again). Hopefully I'm not too tired to remember at least one of these:

1.  "No kidding"

2.  An easy go-to response for so many situations yet I never remember to use it . . . a favorite Willy Wonka line:

Of course I might be so tired I accidentally respond with one of my other favorite lines like "Rachmaninoff" or "Not 'til you're ten, son."

3.  "We haven't seen each other in awhile . . . this is just how I look now."

4.   "Would you like to comment on my weight gain also?"

5.   "Look?" (throw head back to laugh loudly and then stopping abruptly to look them in the eye and very seriously say) "It's not a look, it's a lifestyle."

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