Friday, December 21, 2018

Five on Friday: Resolutions That Should Be Entirely Achievable

I know, I'm like a week early for making New Year's Resolutions. But I've been thinking about these ideas so I figured I'd better write them down before I forget. No lofty resolutions for me this year--instead I'm going to aim for some goals that should be entirely achievable.


In 2019 I am going to I have really good intentions to:

1. Learn that damn poem about which months have thirty days and which don't. I've got February down pat but the rest remain a mystery.

2. Eat better cheese more frequently.  I might as well enjoy myself as I raise my cholesterol and expand my waistline.

3. Watch at least one of the tens of movies that I've never seen but everyone else my age has seen a million times. Maybe even two of them if I feel like overachieving.

4. Beat my own high score for number of books read in a year since I started keeping track on Good Reads in 2005. (If I finish the one I'm working on now it'll be 31) Either that or beat my own high score in Wii bowling, one or the other.

Okay, fine, one semi-serious one but it's totally necessary:

5. Train myself to say, "Let me think about it and get back to you" when I feel like I'm about to say yes to another commitment.


Me, my sisters and our plastic sparkling apple juice glasses.
New Year's Eve 1978ish

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