Friday, August 3, 2018

Five on Friday: The "Signs" of Summer . . .

No, I don't mean things like wet bathing suits left on the floor after I asked you at least a hundred times to please hang them up immediately. Though we have plenty of those signs of summer around as well . . . I mean actual signs.

Last night I was searching through my pictures to try to find one in particular. I never found it but as I was looking I realized that I've taken a lot of pictures of funny signs I've seen this summer . . . does everyone do that?

If you don't (or even if you do!) I'm going to share mine with you for today's Five on Friday list:

1. If you looked at just the top portion of this sign hung outside a campground pool, it seemed pretty funny. So that's how I cropped it:

We actually prefer swimming with toilet-trained people

2. From the same campground, this was hanging on the wall and presumably was meant to have . . . anything else inside of it.

In case you wondering what this was, read the sign.

3. At the local pizzeria. It struck me as very sweet, hope this Jack of all Trades has found a great place to live by now:

Good luck, Jack.

4. Seen at a friends' home on the Fourth of July:

It is a good day for a good day!

5. While kayaking at the lake, my niece said she could see a sign in the water. Our collective interest was piqued and the kids got to work trying to find it and pull it out. When they did, this is what they found:

You don't say . . .

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