Thursday, August 9, 2018

Five on Friday: Things to Keep When Packing for a Family of Seven

It's road trip time! My preparation process has gotten somewhat streamlined, which is particularly good since I'm too busy these days to spend a week packing. Everything goes much smoother as long as I keep calm and keep:

1. All the camping gear together in bins in the basement so I don't have to find and gather it all every single time.

2. A note on the top of the bin to make note of anything that needs to be added (things I don't want to permanently store in there like the good flashlight).

3. A note on my computer on what worked or didn't on each trip (previous notes include things like: better long sleeve options! Fewer toys, more notebooks and pens for the ride!) Sometimes things change and I know I won't remember what they were.

4. The travel candy well hidden so I don't have a "I've been on my feet running around all  day and I totally have PMS and goddamnit I'm going to have my period on vacation I need candy" freakout the night before and eat most of it. 

Okay, fine, I'll do this one next time.

5. Reminding myself that anything I forget we will either live without or purchase while on vacation. So I just need to relax . . . vacation is starting.

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