Friday, July 27, 2018

Five on Friday: Solo-ish Weekend

It what might be a first in this family, Daddy-O is away with the three youngest kids for the weekend. We all wanted to get away but the teenagers have weekend jobs and Mama thought maybe it'd be nice to get a break from the littles for a few days.

It's been about nineteen hours now, eight of which I spent sleeping without anyone waking me up, and it turns out I was right: it is nice to get a break from the littles.

Here are the things I am and will be doing in their absence:

1. Enjoying the break from the constant bickering and food making and the small child patting my stomach and asking me if I'm having a baby.

2. Spending time with my teenagers one-on-one. I took a hike up the mountain at sunset with my daughter last night and, unbeknownst to my son, have some plans with him tomorrow night.

3. Getting some long-neglected gardening done. I know this sounds like a chore to many people but I thoroughly enjoying being outside, getting dirty and making things look pretty.

4. I will NOT be doing any major house cleaning. Lest you think this is because I don't want to be a boring old lady who enjoys my kid-free time cleaning, I'd like to set the record straight: it's actually because I already spent two hours cleaning the house on Wednesday. However what I WILL be doing is appreciating the fact that it's not getting totally messed up again every five minutes.

5. Feeling thankful for this weekend not only for myself, but for my kids who are already having a completely magical time (and for modern technology for allowing me to see pictures immediately)

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