Friday, July 20, 2018

Five on Friday: The Pole Poll

Everyone’s got those friends . . . you know, the kind who gladly take your five kids and even the dog overnight (sometimes when you don’t even need them to, just for fun!). If you don’t have friends like those, I highly recommend getting some. They make life and parenting so much easier and more enjoyable. These friends of ours also recently stopped by with a super surprise: a creative family project that will be enjoyed by us for years to come.

It’s a DIY directional post! You know, the super whimsical kind with colorful arrows pointing in all directions. BUT WHEREVER SHALL THEY POINT TO? This part might be harder than finding the time to assemble it and get it in the ground.

It came with this card. Apparently they appreciate our assistance and friendship, too.

So I'm conducting a poll pole for suggestions on what to include. All locations will be considered, including nonsensical and fictional. We've already had friends chime in (with some real gems like our friend's 10-year-old suggesting that we add the local chain pharmacy).

It came with eight arrows (because our friends know that eight is great!) but I’d be really happy if we could start with at least five and add on more later. Here are the top contenders thus far:

1. Shindig That-A-Way: I used to have a wooden sign that had those words painted on it. I loved that damn sign and I regrettably have no idea what happened to it. Since we’re fond of hosting a variety of shindigs, this could point directly to the house or backyard.

2. Silver Bell Wedding Chapel 2484 milesThe name of the chapel in Las Vegas where we eloped to.

3. Meme & Poppy’s Lake House, 41 miles: Lots of happy memories are continually made there each summer.

4. East Sandwich, 303 miles: Somehow we're lucky enough to have TWO vacation homes in the family! (This is also highly recommended.) Meme & Poppy's as well as Aunt & Uncle's cottage on Cape Cod. It's specifically located in East Sandwich, which I think would be much more fun to put on the sign than plain ol' Cape Cod.

5. The city where our adopted kids were born & lots of their family still live: This city will always hold a special place in our hearts, of course, so it might just earn itself an arrow!

What do you think? Keep these? Ditch any of them? Any other suggestions? I'd love to hear!

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