Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday: How Writing a Book Is Everything and Nothing Like Having a Baby

 I've heard many writers compare writing a book to having a baby. I understand that they're not being literal but my reaction is still a resounding "No way." 

Ever since Susan whipped my ass into shape, I've been really motivated to finish my memoir and this week I got to the point where I really think I'm done. I'm done!! I have to admit, I could draw many parallels to having a baby . . . as well as some glaring exceptions, such as:

  1. The first, biggest, most obvious of the similarities: I've basically been working on this book for JUST OVER NINE MONTHS. 
  2. I’ve been secretly growing a new life and nobody around me has been any the wiser . . . HA! Just kidding. I was big as a house when I was pregnant.
  3. I’ve got a name picked out but I might have to wait to see when it’s actually born to see if the name still fits.
  4. I may say I’m done but I know I only mean really with a first rough draft. Just like when you give birth it may be the end of the pregnancy but it’s just the beginning of parenting.
  5. When I share this with the world--if people start asking me when the second one is coming, I'm going to have to suppress the urge to scream. Unlike with my babies, I might just be one and done this time around. 

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