Friday, November 3, 2017

Five on Friday: Mommy & Me Halloween Costumes Over the Years

We're not usually a "Mommy & Me" type of family but my oldest daughter and I *have* had a few kickass coordinating Halloween costumes. It all started with . . .

1. Her very first Halloween, she was 3 weeks old and I dressed her as a tiny Hula girl. I was a Hawaiian tourist.

2. Her next Halloween she was a bowling ball and I was a bowling pin (Daddy O was in on this one as a bowler).

3. We skipped a few years and then but then we were back with a bang! She was Edward Scissorhands and I was a lady who got her hair done by him.

4. Then she was Andy Warhol and I was a pop-art Marilyn Monroe. And because she's talented in many ways, she also did my makeup that year:

5. And this year she and I were the "Two Fridas" together. In person nobody really understood what we were trying to be but when I posted a photo of the painting and us in costume side-by-side on Facebook, it was quite the hit with my friends.

She turned 17 a few weeks before Halloween--next year she'll be a Senior in High School so we'd better do a matching costume one more time . . . (though it'll be tough to beat some of these) Thanks for loving dressing up with me, B. xo

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