Friday, August 18, 2017

Five on Friday: Exercising on Vacation

Sometimes I think I should bring my exercise clothes on vacation. I talk myself out of it pretty quickly, sealing the deal by realizing I cannot justify packing sneakers just because I might exercise. (If I was the type to pack a huge bag I could throw them in but I'm not. I generally pack lightly but have trouble narrowing down what shoes to pack without even thinking about sneakers.) 

On this family Road Trip I've been realizing that not only do I get exercise on vacation, I get a better variety than I do at home with my short jogs anyway! So far on this vacation, I've gotten: 

1. Upper body strength with all the loading, unloading, reloading of the van (5 days, 5 cities thus far)

2. Squats when hovering over gas station toilets and out of the tent door in the pouring rain

3. Buddy workout when groggily holding my daughter up so she, too, could relieve herself during the campground thunderstorm 

4. Interval training by walking slowly to hang back with whatever kid is moping and then making mad dashes to catch up with the others because the light changed

5. Thighmaster's got nothing on climbing circular staircases up towers (not to mention lots and lots of straight staircases everywhere else!)

See at all this exercise I'm doing on vacation?  I'll never pack sneakers again.

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