Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday: One Man's Trash

There are many charming things about living in an old house (and sometimes charming can mean frustrating and perplexing, of course.) I always wished to live in one and my dream came true when we purchased a home originally built in 1787.

One of the "charms" I did not expect was the amount of trash we'd find in our yard. Considering that people used to not have garbage pick up, it makes sense (I guess?) that they'd dispose of broken dishes and things in the woods. It's amazing how the Earth pushes more up every year. It's so much here that the springtime novelty of walking down to the stream and finding little shards of pottery has worn off for my kids (I still get a little charge out of it). 

We've now got material for 1,000 mosaic projects . . . and plenty of disgusting stuff that was put right into the trash. However, we have found some interesting things that now have spots in our home. Like:

1. This plastic pink poodle toy!! This one was found in our stone spring house along with a totally muddy and creepy old baby doll from hell. The doll was disposed of, the poodle was washed and is now great friends with my vintage pink poodle lamp.

2. Antique tongs: for ice? For coal? This one actually has not found a spot in the house yet, it's more of just interesting garden decor. However, while I was trying to figure out what it was I saw a cute idea of turning into a paper towel holder. (The roll goes down where the ice/coal would go.)

3.  My husband found this large iron floor grate when he was expanding the garden. We decided to hang it from the kitchen ceiling as a pot rack.

4. Eventually the inner circle was also found, though partially damaged. I haven't found a great use for it yet so it's also still in the "interesting garden decor" category.

5. This rake head makes a perfect place to hang one of my many hats.

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