Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday: Five Times I Felt Like a Good Parent This Week

Parenting, for me at least, is full of mantras that help me get through it. Things like: It's just a phase. Someday we'll look back on this and laugh. Tomorrow will be a better day.

But this week felt like it went really well and I had several times I just felt like a good Mom. I thought maybe if I reflected on and noted these times, I could look back to them when I'm feeling frustrated and not-so-much like a good Mom. Maybe this Five on Friday list will become a future mantra . . .

Five times I felt like a good parent this past week:

1. Just when I thought we were getting our Saturdays back, Daddy-O signed the boys up for summer rugby (a totally new sport for us.)  Of course I wanted to see them play but . . . it was proving difficult to make it to a game. Last weekend I finally got to spend hours in the hot sun trudging from one field to another like a nomadic 'athletic supporter' and a good Mom.

 2. I had my three youngest and their visiting sister at the Farmers' Market with me and they wandered around while I was picking up my CSA share. When I caught up to them, two different vendors let me know that they were very nice and polite children.

3. I did some actual PLAYING in the sprinkler and creek with the kids several times this week. I didn't set it up and watch them play, I didn't just watch from the creek side, I didn't just get a little wet, but I got full-on soaked and made up silly games in the water and had fun times with them.

4. My youngest woke me overnight and I was nice instead of grouchy. (Hey, it'd been a long time since she's woken me and who knows when the last overnight-snuggle-request will come? That's not to say she should get used to it, waking me up is usually a pretty bad idea.)

5.  I tucked my 11-year-old the night his visiting sister left after staying with us for a week and he, unprompted, thanked me for arranging it all.

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