Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday: Writing is Happening Today. For Real.

I know I haven't been posting much on the blog lately and it's not that the children, job, theatre troupe, etc, etc, are keeping me too busy to write. I am writing but all of my writing time and energy is going towards writing my memoir. I started working on it at the beginning of the year and set up goals for myself to reach in each month.

There have been starts and stops and somehow I kept exceeding my goals . . . and then summer hit. I was really worried about becoming derailed and was starting to feel pretty bad about not finding time to write when I remembered: the kids are going to day camp the last week of July!! Oh, I will have HOURS to write then! It will be glorious!

It's now Friday of that week and I have spent exactly 35 minutes writing. I could sob but instead I'll write a list:

1. I need to remember that my week was not a waste. I caught up on a ton of housework, vacation planning, baking and errands. I exercised every day and caught up with some friends this morning.

2. Today is really my day! I made it so by putting my Moth shirt on this morning for inspiration.

3. My house is a mess and I am forcing myself to ignore things like this today:

4. Ignoring messes is very difficult for me so I left!! Yes, this Five on Friday list is coming to you live from the local library . . . as far away from the kiddie section train table as possible and in a quiet corner so as not to be distracted.

5. My "On This Day" feed on Facebook showed me this picture. Must be a sign that today's a day for writing a memoir.

 And now I'm turning off the wifi and getting to work!!

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