Friday, June 16, 2017

Five on Friday: She'll Always Be Our First

We recently celebrated the 7th Birthday of our youngest child. As I was reflecting back on her life, I realized  . . . she may be the last baby in this family but she has certainly been first in many ways.

1. She was the first of five kids to really have a pacifier (oldest son had one only until about 10 months old). She love, love, loved it and had one until she was over three years old and it was basically falling apart in her mouth and I refused to buy her a new one. (I still have that pathetic half-pacifier in my sock drawer because I'm a weirdo)

She sure did love the heck outta that paci

2. She was the first of our children to take her dirty diaper off in her crib at nap time. Repeatedly. Parenthood is not for those with a weak constitution, that's for sure.

3. Our little darling last baby was our first toddler to figure out how to open the door and stealthily escape the house.

4. As a preschooler, she was the first and only one to randomly decide (after months of going to preschool happily) to start crying and carrying on when I dropped her off. 

5. Now that she's in grade school, she's the first one to have frequent visits to the nurse for a multitude of reasons . . . enough to have the nurse console me with, "Don't worry. Every family's got one."

We sure do. Happy 7th Birthday, A. You'll always be our first.

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