Friday, June 9, 2017

Five On Friday: Oldish Ladies' Night Out

About once a year I go away overnight with a few good friends. The destination is not far away, nor tropical, nor particularly exciting: that's not the point of this getaway. This is solely for reconnecting with friends and relaxing sans les enfants. 

This year our usual non-tropical town wasn't working out for us and we decided to stay overnight in the city all three of us went to college in (and some lived in for a few years after college.) We  didn't exactly do a lot of reliving of the past per se, as we are oldish ladies now, but we did do a ton of reminiscing.

Here's how it went down:

1. While we did hightail it all over town on foot like we used to do, we were wearing comfortable shoes this time.

2. As we walked, we  lamented every beloved bar that had been closed and clucked at all the changes (as oldish ladies are prone to do.) The grease trucks gone? A travesty. And Neubies' Restaurant which was *the* breakfast place is now a PNC bank. It's a  travesty I tell you!

3. We got carded!! Just one time and it was clearly because he was checking every single person's ID at the door, not because we looked particularly young. But it totally counts as us getting carded.

4. Aaaaaand one of us didn't have ID with her (not me)! Just some money in her back pocket. "Why would I ever think someone would card us???"  We plead with the bouncer: "Look at her grey hair! She has two kids!" and, my favorite, her plea of, "Just look at how old my friends are!" We got in.

5. As we were headed back into our hotel, two guys made their last-ditch-1:00 am effort for hitting on us oldish ladies literally as I was discussing the results of my colonoscopy. We entertained them for a minute or two, they told us they also were shocked that the grease trucks were gone. As we broke away from them to go up to our room, one shouted out, "Where are you going to go for breakfast?" Naturally I shouted back, "Neubies!"

Remember our old Hungarian landlord that kept a vegetable garden in back? And that time there was a blizzard and we shoveled the whole driveway? And the way we always had too many people living here? And, and, and . . .

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