Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday: Baby's First Lord of the Rings Screening

As you can imagine, the baby in a family of five is introduced to things much earlier than the oldest child was. Chewing gum, the Beastie Boys, that sort of thing.

Recently my 15-year-old became obsessed with introducing his younger siblings to the Lord of the Rings. He asked if he could watch The Fellowship of the Rings with them. I said sure but warned him I didn't think it would hold the interest of the younger two.

I was wrong, they were rapt. As they watched the second half the other night as I was making dinner, my 6-year-old daughter ran in to ask me if we had a bow and arrow anywhere, because she was going to need one. And that was just the beginning of her funny (to me) reactions (to the movie). Here are five more for today's list:

1. That guy is kind of cute even with the blood on.

2. I kind of want Nicholas to be my brother. (She was referring to the character whose name is actually Legolas)

3.  No-one can kill that beh-beh! (Why did she say baby like this? Nobody will ever know)

4. Big brother: She's in love with Aragorn.
     Little sister: She's in love with arguing??  
     (She also thought this character's name was Aaronburr.)

5.  No offense but I kind of want that guy--that guy with the black hair--yeah, that guy--to be my uncle. (Apparently she really wants to be related to these characters. As if we're not characters enough for her.)

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