Friday, June 23, 2017

Five on Friday: Me Hungry! Me Busy!

Have you ever taken a picture of a page in a library book? I took this one years ago (from Jeremy Tankard's book Me Hungry! ) and it still makes me laugh. I so relate to Cave Mama. Look! She even has five kids like I do.

Now that summer's here and the kids are home, they want food with even more frequency than usual. They've been off of school for four days now and so far not a single one of them has starved to death. I'm counting that as a parenting success.

I try not to buy a lot of pre-packaged snacks (though being summer and on the go I definitely buy more in this season than the others) But I do strive to make as many of their snacks at home as I can. Here are some healthy snacks that are ready and waiting (or will be once this first batch of things runs out and I need to make more). I'd love to hear your healthy grab-and-go/self-serve snack ideas too.

1. Frozen banana slice and peanut butter sandwiches. We used to have a hysterical name for these but nobody can remember what it was. (Any suggestions?)

2. Homemade ice pops: current favorite is made by blending blueberries with maple syrup and then layering that mixture along with vanilla greek yogurt into the pop molds. So good and so healthy I'll even let them eat these for breakfast.

3. Power balls! We haven't made these in awhile but definitely will make a big batch soon. They are no-bake and the kids love them. But my very favorite thing about them is if you realize you've got four left but five kids that want one you can just pinch a little off of each one and make an entirely new ball! WIN-WIN!

4. Muffins, all sorts. I bake them when I have time and freeze half for future snacking.

5. Roasted chickpeas: drain a can of chickpeas (or two) and rinse. Shake them up with some olive oil and nutritional yeast. You can eat them this way and they are yummy but if you roast them, they're even tastier. (400 degrees for 30 minutes)

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