Friday, May 5, 2017

Five on Friday: Naked Gardening Day

Four years ago I heard about this little thing called World Naked Gardening Day. I like naked and I like gardening so it seemed like the day for me! Daddy-O and I took some pictures with strategically placed cans and gardening tools, posted them on Facebook and then went to the boys' tee ball game.

Where people who are friends with me on Facebook also were going.

That was fun. (Nay, that was hysterical.)
Now people keep tagging me in an articles on Facebook to let me know that World Naked Gardening Day is this Saturday, seems it's grown in popularity since our photo shoot (always the trend setters . . . )  No, we won't be staging more pictures, but we don't have to. Doing it that one time has been the gift that keeps on giving . . . so many smiles and memories attached to doing it that first time, like:

1. This conversation:

Me: I'm thinking of staging and 'American Gothic' themed World Naked Gardening photo, with me and you.
Daddy O: Who's going to take the picture?
Me: I guess G (who was 11 at the time)
Daddy O: Great, he'll be all, "What did I do this weekend? My parents made me take naked pictures of them."
Me: At least DYFS* is out of our lives.
Daddy O: Yeah, for NOW . . .

2. We took those pictures the day after my Grandmother, Babci, went to the hospital. My Uncle showed them to her on his phone and she got the biggest kick out of them. She asked him to show *every* new nurse that came in. By the time we got there to visit, all of the nurses sort of felt like they . . . knew us intimately.

3. When we left the hospital, Daddy O said something to Babci that she always said when she was leaving someone's house, which was, "Tell your Mother I was here!" She didn't miss a beat in responding, "Try to keep your pants on."

4. Months (years?) after, someone posted this pillow for sale on Facebook. People began tagging me on it so much I felt sort of obligated to buy it and now it lives on my couch.

5.  American Gothic: World Naked Gardening Edition is now on a canvas in my dining room.

*Division of Youth & Family Services: before our younger three were adopted through foster care, there were different DYFS workers here all the time for visits and inspections

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