Friday, April 28, 2017

Five on Friday: Home/Work HIlarity

Because life is funny and I laugh every day. Here are some things at both home and work that have made me laugh recently:

1. That time (on Tuesday) that I was working in both positions at the Museum on the same day (leading the login cabin workshop in costume and working in the office). Worlds collided, hilarity ensued:

2. Me: "So I was talking to one of the Blacksmiths . . . " 16-year-old B: "For a minute I totally forgot why you might know any Blacksmith never mind multiple ones."

3.  Overheard while I was walking from the log cabin back to the office, "LOOK! IT'S A COSTUME PERSON!"

4. Earlier in the week, our 9-year-old son Z said, "Hey Dad, Thursday is Take Your Child to Work Day. Can I go with you?" Daddy O replied, "Sorry buddy, I'm traveling that day." Z sighed and said, "Oh man. Mom? Do you know anybody else that works?"

5.  A 2nd grader on a school tour told me very seriously and sincerely that "there was another olden days when people didn't even have menus." (I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about but I will always remember this, um, lesson that he taught me.)

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