Friday, February 24, 2017

Five on Friday: Texts with the Teens

Like many modern parents, texting is one of my prime ways of communicating with my teenagers. (Back in my day we had a downstairs and upstairs phone that my Mom would sometimes call me on! I remember a couple I did some babysitting for thinking that was totally outrageous.)

My 16-year-old daughter actually initiates texts with me (and not just when she wants a ride) and I frequently find her messages highly entertaining. My 14-year-old son normally doesn't initiate texts with me (unless he wants a ride) but likewise keeps me laughing.

For example:

1.  Son when he was home alone and supposed to be watching for younger brothers E and Z to get home and then keep an eye on them. I texted, "Boys home? " then after no response, "Hello?" He replied:  E is a smudge and Coolboy* is cool.

2.  Daughter, after a team trivia competition: "There was a question and the answer was Aaron Burr and they didn’t listen to me and we got it wrong, this is tragic" (Hey, when you're a Hamilton fan, this is totally tragic.)

3. Son when  babysitting younger brother Z:  Should Coolboy be in bed yet? He says he shouldn't.  

4. Daughter, from school: "I tripped on the stairs and fell and my first reaction was to put my hands up Rocky-style and I think that sums me up pretty well."

5. Son when he was babysitting little sister A for longer than he'd ever had before--I thought I should check in with a quick, "So far so good?" His response: "She learned how to hang glide, breathe in space and tie knots so yeah."

*As far as I know, nobody has every called Z by the name Coolboy, this is apparently only his nickname while his brother is watching him.

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