Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday: What I'll Actually Miss

I've said it before and I'll say it again (and I said it in about twenty different ways in this one essay): I just don't believe I'm going to miss everything about their childhoods. On Wednesday Facebook showed me a video I posted six years ago. It was adorable, a circus performed by my kids. They were so cute, tiny, helpless--and apparently they screeched a lot.

Maybe it's not far enough away yet, but I don't miss that time. The video is enough for me.

Last week the weather here was unseasonably warm: bright and sunny seventy degree days. Every time I looked out in the yard, another neighborhood kid was here playing. I realized, "THIS is what I'll miss."

Things I will miss:

1. Being the yard the neighborhood kids come to.

2. Overhearing one of the kids wonder, "Why is this the house all the people come to?" and then some of the answers like, "Because this is where the cool kids are" and "Because this is the party house!"

3. The least threatening bike gang ever:

4. Delicacies like sand and pine cone cake and grass salad.

5. Laughing after hearing the guy attached to these filthy knees tell me he doesn't need a shower:

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  1. LOVE! And I totally relate...nothing is better than those moments when all the neighborhood kids are on the porch or in your kitchen...