Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday: Protesting with Kids

Most of my activism takes the form of performance with The Meta Theatre Company or event planning but, alas, the times call for protests and marches. My kids are no strangers to things like community meetings and candlelight vigils but standing or walking around with signs is something new. Here are some things they've had to say about it:

1. Text from my teenage daughter when she was at the Women's March in DC: "So many beautiful women all around us. I love every single person here."

2. From my less-than-willing 8-year-old son: Why do I have to go? It's not fair, I had to go last time!

3. From my 10-year-old Hamilton superfan: Can you find my Aaron Burr costume for the protest tonight?

4. 8-year-old again: Who's gonna be there? Will I know anybody?* Is there going to be anything to eat? I'm cold. Can we leave yet?

5. 6-year-old as we were walking to protest last night, "Oh wait! I never finished coloring this poster!!" (Me: "Don't worry, baby, you can color it later. We'll be using it again and again.")

* Why, yes, son, you will. All the activists' kids know each other at this point.

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