Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday: Two Weeks at My New Job

Last spring I began work as a tour guide at a local historical site. I knew I would like it but I ended up really loving it. When the tour season was over, I decided to let my boss know how much I enjoyed it and asked her to consider me if any other positions ever opened up.

I didn't really expect one too, but it did! Now I'm working in the office three days a week. My official title is "Museum Assistant" but I am considering asking them to refer to me as a "Gal Friday" because I like the retro sound of it.

Here are some highlights from my first two weeks there:

1. I have my own office (!!!).  Hanging on the walls are vintage circus advertisements and an antique painted wooden sign for a shop. (If you know me at all, you know I *love* vintage everything.) The window was bare so I found some vintage-look fabric and made a little curtain for myself.

2. Out that window I can see the Red Mill, the river and the waterfall, the quaint town on the other side of the river and the old stone mill that is now the Art Museum.

3. One of my tasks was to transcribe hand-written attendance records onto the computer. The paper sheet asks visitors to tell us how they heard about the museum. My favorite was "trucker--broke down."

4.  Another day I was helping with cataloguing pictures of our vintage textile collections. The photos of the 1920s hand-sewn, hand-beaded ballgowns had me swooning all day.

5. I also got to help with looking through newspapers from 1917 to find pertinent information for an upcoming exhibit. I am pretty sure I found a record of someone my oldest son was in past life:

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