Friday, August 5, 2016

Five On Friday: Bad Moms

It's not just a movie title anymore. It's a legit feeling that some people (ahem) are struggling with at this point in the summer.

I don't like it and am trying hard to turn it around. It's one child in particular, with whom 75% of interactions with throughout the day (and also when child wakes me overnight) involve intense negotiations. It is mentally and physically exhausting. So am I really a bad Mom? I hope not. I'm trying not to be. Today's Five on Friday list is a bit of a double feature . . . five thoughts I've had and my responses to try to turn it around.

1. I just don't like this kid. Turned around with: I need to spend more time and try to reconnect with this kid. More bedtime reading and snuggles. More playing.

2. I am starting to feel like I hate summer and I hate hating summer. Turned around with: So enjoy it. Stop trying to maintain a clean house and getting angry at kids messing it up. Go take a hike.

3. GAH! I'm such a jerk that just says "No" to all of them all of the time! Turned around with: Say yes. Say yes when you don't feel like it. Say yes because it's summer and you can. Save the nos for the non-negotiables.

4. All they do is fight! Turned around with: remember all those great plans for getting them to entertain themselves when you can't do it? Like setting out the play dough or flubber and cookie cutters? Or water and sponges on the hot deck? Or just taking out the science experiment book and leaving on the table? Do that.

5. Now I'm that Mom that can't wait for school to start again. Turned around with . . . well. So be it.

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