Friday, July 29, 2016

Five On Friday: I Swear I'm Outlawing These Things

No, really. I am completely over them and am on the verge of banning them from this house indefinitely:

1. Band-Aids: Not only do the two youngest kids here use them for every real and imagined scrape they can find on their bodies (leaving none left when Mom is actually BLEEDING), they leave the wrappers all over the place and then I find used ones everywhere. Recently my teen found a dirty Band-Aid in her room and then the next day FOUND ANOTHER ONE IN THE SAME SPOT.  "The struggle is real," she conceded. I'm glad I have her in my corner.

2. Ice Cubes: When they get ice from the fridge dispenser, they always get way too many so they end up all over the floor creating tiny cold puddles to accidentally step in. Then they leave those cups out and the condensation from all that ice makes other tiny puddles on the table and counter.

3. I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt: A friend gave my kids an electronic keyboard last week and they've been having fun learning little tunes. However I'm starting to regret teaching them this one.

4. Library Tchotchkes: The kids love the bookmarks and the summer reading program prizes. I'm not as enamored.

5. Presidential Election Coverage: It's going to be a long season. I don't know how much more I can take. Already.

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