Friday, May 27, 2016

Five On Friday: Field Trip Chaperone Tips

In my many years of going on kids' field trips as a chaperone, talking to other parents who have chaperoned and now working as a tour guide leading students and their chaperones . . . I've observed a few things. It seems as though some people really need a handy dandy guide to doing it right, so that's what I'd doing for this week's list:

1. When on a bus full of first graders, do not lead them in singing songs at the top of their lungs. Honestly, whose side are you even on?

2. When chaperoning on a trip a baseball game, it doesn't really matter how boring the game is (and trust me, I find baseball mind numbingly boring) you really shouldn't ditch your responsibilities and go to the Target across the parking lot from the stadium. Just no.

3. Do not disrupt a tour to call your husband at work and loudly ask him to identify a fish that was just seen jumping out of the river.

4. When the tour guide asks questions like, "Does anyone know what this was used for?" she's asking the children. Not you.

5.  Don't talk while the tour guide is talking. It's so rude, distracting and a bad example for the kids. This shouldn't even have to be said but apparently it does.

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