Friday, May 20, 2016

Five On Friday: Lessons from Working

Working as a tour guide and workshop leader for school groups at a local historic site, I've actually learned way more than five things in the past few weeks. I'm so fascinated but human ingenuity and resourcefulness . . . and don't even get me started on the myriad uses for limestone!

But this blog is all about me, you know, so my list is going to reflect that:

1. I've learned which shoes are okay for wearing out on my feet all day and which ones not so much.

2. There's been an  addition of new words in my lexicon like "coworker" and "abecedarian"

3. I'd been on a good fitness kick before starting this job and recently increased my almost daily 3 mile jogs just a tiny bit more so I could say I started my day with a 5K. But on the mornings I have to get out to work I only have about 20 minutes to exercise. An amazing thing began to happen--knowing I had a shortened run, I began running faster. Much faster!  I never knew I could run this fast! (But my 8- and 10-year-old track star sons are still way faster than me.)

4. Another lesson from the running analogy: I can run that fast because it's only for one or two miles. Likewise, I have been managing to still juggle it all (the kids, their activities, keeping the house clean, making most of what we eat from scratch,  etc) without dropping any balls. However, this job is short, it's only going to last another few weeks of school field trip season. If it was much longer than that, I'd really have to slow down.

5.  I make a cute Colonial lady but one that is much better at candle making than using a drop spindle to spin wool.

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