Friday, June 3, 2016

Five On Friday: Signs of Summer

Just like the flowers begin blooming and the grass suddenly needs mowing, so are there signs in our family that the seasons are changing. After a long, cold and wet spring it finally seems like winter is over for good. How do I know? Well . . .

1. The kids have stopped asking, "Where are we eating?" or "Can we eat outside?" and now just automatically carry their plates out there.

2. I am no longer yelling about the piles of wet mittens and coats and am instead yelling about the piles of wet bathing suits and towels.

3. My children are still making questionable clothing choices in regards to the weather but now it's not my younger boys wearing shorts when it's 40 degrees out, it's my older son wearing a sweater when it's almost 90.

4. Everyone's getting their summer skin on: lots of bumps, scrapes and mystery rashes!

5. Every night as I'm falling asleep I have very good intentions to start daily tick checks the next day.

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