Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday: Sound Bites from My Muses

There are plenty of times when writers' block hits and I think I'll never have anything to write about again. Then I just tune in to what my kids are talking about and starting furiously typing away, getting their quotes just right for future usage.

Here are five recent examples, one from each kid (oldest to youngest). Maybe they'll make it into an essay one day.

1. I always get "I love you", "Spiderman", "Rock On" and "Surfer Dude" mixed up. (Me too, kiddo.)

2. On a scale from Space to Ten Thousand Crying Babies . . . how quiet were my footsteps? (Somewhere in between the two.)

3. It's dumb that I'm going to have to change for gym next year because I basically wear gym clothes every day anyway. (I know, dude. Swishy pants, swishy shorts, jerseys.)

4. I'm eating raisins here so don't bother me because raisins are important! (Duly noted!)

5. When we get home, we're going to go dumpster diving next door and you and Daddy go inside and have kissy time. (You are definitely winning favorite child of the week for saying this, honey, but maybe not so loudly at a restaurant next time, okay?)

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