Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday: Feeling Famous on My Birthday

1. Cashier: "I need to see your  license."
    Me: "Huh?"
    Her: "It's a new thing for buying cough medicine, I have to enter your birthday."
    Me: (handing it over) "It's today! Does this count as being carded?"
    Her: "Definitely. Happy Birthday! Doing anything fun to celebrate?"
    Me: "Performing in New York City tonight for one of The Moth's Mainstage Events."
    Her: "Are you famous?"
    Me: "Not yet."

2. On Main Street in town on a sandwich board outside the art shop:

3. Hey, there's my name!

4. Hanging out with the Producers and Directors at the Moth, many of whose names I always hear mentioned on the podcasts so I felt totally giddy.

5. This was supposed to be video of me being introduced but it just does not want to upload right now.  So instead I leave you with this totally not flattering nor high quality photo. But I shall try with the video again later!

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