Friday, April 1, 2016

Five on Friday: So Proud

I'm fond of hashtagging the heck out of "so proud" but it's always sarcastically (for example, that time my kid put a bad word on the sign outside of school)

But I am really proud of my kids all the time. So for this week's Five on Friday list I'm sharing things that happened over Spring Break that made me feel non-sarcastically so proud of them:

1. 5-year-old A: "His toy flew away* so I gave him some of my candy."

2. 8-year-old Z: "I can really taste the spinach, it tastes really good. Can I have more?" (I almost died.)

3. 9-year-old E: "I don't even get why they make batteries that aren't rechargeable."

4. 15-year-old B: "Oh, just try it on and see" (when we were at the thrift shop together and I was hemming and hawing about a dress . . . then I tried it and it just might be what I wear for telling a story in NYC for The Moth next month! Thanks, B. You were right.)

5. 14-year-old G: He had decided to celebrate his birthday by having one whole day in bed with his choice of junk food and video games. Late in the afternoon I tried to tempt him with running out to the thrift shop, library AND pizza. "Nope, nope, nope." Am I proud of my kid for saying no? Kind of. He had a vision and he stuck to it! He would not be swayed by temptation!! He wanted his day a certain way and he had it. As much as his diet and inactivity that day disgusted me, I do feel weirdly proud of him.

*Big brother got this toy as a birthday gift at the Easter celebration at my Mom's house. He decided to try it, granted without reading the instructions, and apparently the thing immediately flew up, up and away!!

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