Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday: Another Birthday Boy & His Catch Phrases

I had been thinking about an upcoming Five on Friday list of the various catch phrases I hear around here all the time--some several times a week and some several times a day. I was about ready to share that one when I realized it was G's birthday this past week and since I celebrated his brother for his birthday last week, it was G's turn this week.

And then I realized that G has coined almost every single one of these phrases and is the biggest user of almost all of them.

Happy Birthday, G. Someday I might actually miss hearing you say these phrases all the damn time. (Or hey, maybe you'll never ever stop with them! Wouldn't that be . . . interesting for you.)

1. When the microwave is about to beep and he notices, he says "What the - - -?" and tries to time it perfectly so it sounds like "What the (beeeeeeeep)" Clever, he is. (I know you want to see this in action. Check it out here)

2. Dibs! On everything, all the time, even things one cannot possibly call dibs on.

3. There's a game where you need to say "safety" if you fart so that you don't get punched by someone else. I like to insist on "excuse me" so now he can often be heard saying "excuse me safety excuse me safety" as he walks past so now the whole world knows he is walking and farting. Charming. (I wrote more about that game here)

4. I had an idea for a comic book/video game . . . He's an idea man, for sure.

5. Time's an equation! Whenever he notices the time and realizes that he can make it into some sort of mathematical equation (frequently ones I cannot even figure out but you know, math's not really my department), he says this phrase. He will literally sneak it into the middle of a sentence, like, "So today in Social Studies class, time's an equation, this kid didn't know the answer and the teacher told him he had to study more, time's still an equation, and he got all mad at her!"

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