Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday: First Birthday Boy of the Year

My youngest son turned eight earlier this week, which I'm excited about. First of all, everyone knows eight is great. Second of all, I have a inexplicable hatred of odd numbers. We spent last year all being odd-numbered ages (shudder) so now that Z has had his birthday, that means we'll all be switching back to evens soon! Hooray!

Last year I wrote a Five on Friday list for him on his birthday with some of his more adorable quotes. It's a year later and the hits just keep on coming! He's still everyone's favorite helper though I have weaned myself off of telling him I'm going to eat his face all the time. (I still think it a lot though.)

Here are some super cute things about him lately:

1.  He wanted to know when he'd get his signature. After a few confusing minutes of conversation I finally figured out that he thought he'd get a fancy signature assigned to him one day. We laughed about it and then agreed that being the guy to hand signatures out might be a fun job for him.

2. I got an email from his teacher last week letting me know that he's been extremely kind to the new boy in his class. I am not at all surprised.

3. His aunt gave him his VERY OWN PACKAGE of Slim-Jims as part of his birthday gift. He was psyched. While my other kids would have totally hoarded or shared the tiniest half-a-slim-jim-at-a-time portions . . . this guy has been sharing them with siblings left and right. He's got the biggest heart.

4. Yesterday he was helping our three-year-old neighbor put her shoes on. His voice, already little-boy squeaky, went up several pitches as he put her shoes on her feet and cooed, "Look at how tiny and cute your shoes are!"

5. When I tucked him in the night before his birthday, I pointed out that as my last son, this was the very last time I'd have a seven-year-old boy to kiss goodnight. He said cheerfully, "You could always adopt someone!"

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  1. Superb first birthday bash! Would like to see more photos from this little kid’s birthday. Currently looking for décor inspirations for my son’s birthday bash and planning to book one of local venues in Atlanta. Hoping to arrange a good bash.