Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday: I Just Can't Say Goodbye

My husband will probably disagree with this, but I don't think I'm an overly sentimental Mom. Of course I have plenty of preschool artwork and special tiny onesies tucked away but I generally don't have a problem getting rid of baby and little kid things.

However there are a few things we're done with around here that I think we could live without but I just can't seem to say goodbye to . . .

1. The play kitchen. It's vintage, it's cute, it's taken up space in the dining room, nobody really plays with it.

2. Baby dollies. This one makes me sad! My youngest was really into them, was losing interest and then Santa brought her a new doll stroller to see if it got her back into dolls. Nope. Now we have dolls and a stroller that nobody plays with.

3. Something about a little red tricycle . . . and that license plate? COME ON.

4. Wooden train set: when will I ever learn, THIS IS ONLY FUN AT THE LIBRARY where my kid will play with it for ages. Set up the same damn track at home and it's fun for thirty seconds.

5. Board books. I have actually gotten rid of a bunch of them but there are a few that are extra special. I NEED TO SAVE THEM FOR MY GRANDCHILDREN!!

I guess none of this is too surprising considering a toy from my own childhood broke recently . . . and I still refuse to throw her away. Such a funny little doll (you'd pull her head and then she'd say things like, "I'm losing my head over you!)

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