Friday, January 1, 2016

Five on Friday: The Kids' Resolutions

13-year-old G: "Well I already resolved a few years ago not to make any more resolutions so I don't have to do anything with this project."
Me: "I absolutely respect that so just write that down for me, maybe draw a picture."
G: "Why?"
Me: "Because it's actually more of a time capsule than anything else."
G: "Fine."

Here's what he and his siblings came up with, youngest to oldest:

1. My kindergarten girl is getting pretty good at writing but I'm not entirely sure what this says (and she wasn't either). It has something to do with starting each morning with a hug.

 2. Z, age 7, wants to learn to do big jumps on the dirt bike (and give Mommy some more beautiful grey streaks in the process).

3. E, age 9, had trouble deciding. 

4. This is what G came up with. I hope he has kids one day. 

5. B, age 15. I might steal a few of hers for myself:

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