Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday: What's It Like Having Five Kids?

Yes, I've seen this. It's been shared on my page multiple times.
Four kids. Pfft. Amateur.

Just kidding, after three or four it's pretty much all the same.
But what's it really like having five kids?

1. Fucking tomato sauce all over the ceiling. Wait, that's not fair to use on this list, that's totally possible with just one kid. Or a drunk uncle or something. Let's start again:

1. Everything is broken all the time. Also, it's filthy.

2. Our perceptions of size, volume and normal supermarket bills are irreparably skewed.

3. If friends come over for or unexpectedly stay for dinner, even if it's a family of seven like ours, it doesn't seem like that much more cooking/food somehow.

4. As we discovered after putting on an expensive addition that included adding a bathroom to the two we already had: THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A TIME YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO POOP.
(Also, remember the worst toilet in Scotland from Trainspotting? The toilet shared by five kids totally rivals it.)

5. These things are adorable and ridiculous:

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