Friday, October 30, 2015

Five on Friday: My Glamorous Life

I realize that if you are friends with me on Facebook or follow my blog, it may seem that my life is just constantly filled with excitement and glamour. Oh so many parties (the kinds with goody bags), shopping (at thrift shops), movie premiers with handsome men (that'd be my husband and in our back yard).

Truth be told, it's not always the jet-setting whirlwind I might present. So for today's list I present to you a small glimpse into a typical decidedly unglamorous day in my life. Stop by any weekday and you might find me:

1. Kneeling on neighbor's driveway next to their stinky garbage can using my teeth to get a knot out of my kid's shoelace, while wearing my pajamas and saying "Don't use your teeth to untie knots!"

2. After getting them all successfully off to school spend a little more time than I care to admit relocating rocks to their proper homes outside.

3. Using an old toothbrush to clean the yellow crud off the toilet seat hinges in the kids' bathroom while chanting, "It's not pee, it's not pee, it's just . . . yellow dirt."

4. Digging through the bathroom garbage cans to retrieve toilet paper tubes for the kindergarten Halloween party craft.

5. As soon as that is done, receiving email from another Mom saying she has already collected enough toilet paper tubes. Also finding another email in my inbox with important information about "my" account that starts off "Dear Vomitron2000."

I'm guessing maybe some of you can relate.

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