Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday: Group Names

My son loves animal fact books. We were reading one from the library recently and it had a list of the names for groups of animals. A lot of these  names were really just adjectives or repurposed nouns. Like a flamboyance of flamingos (really?), a bloat of hippopotamuses, a crash of rhinoceros or a galaxy of starfish (okay that one's kind of cute).

I figured if you can just pick a descriptive word and declare it the name for a group, there were so many easy ones to pick for young kids! I immediately came up with:

1. A wail of infants
2. A giggle of babies
3. A NO of toddlers
4. An independence of preschoolers
5. A sound it out of kindergarteners

I told my kids my examples and asked if they had any to add and 13-year-old G immediately contributed: A pollution of people. I guess I really do have a smarty pants of children here.

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