Friday, October 9, 2015

Five on Friday: 15 Years of B!

My oldest turns FIFTEEN tomorrow. Woah. That seems a little harder to swallow than thirteen and fourteen somehow, no more of this pretend teenager-ing, now we're in the real deal. FIFTEEN.

Here are some B highlights from over the years to celebrate her birthday:

1. Daddy O taught her at age 3 that if someone asks "How'd you get so smart?" to answer with "Genetics." That backfired when he asked her one day why her nose was so snotty . . .

2. (Age 3.5) We saw ducks fly at the playground and I guess she didn't realize that was possible because she exclaimed, "WOW! MAGIC flying ducks!!"

3. (Age 4)  "Mommy if you want to go to China I know the address."

4. Me: "Are you going to put your worry doll under your pillow?" Her (age 6): "Um . . . (giggled) . . . I don't have any worries!"

5. And one of my favorites: when she was around 7, her cousin was being teased because her doll was not an authentic American Girl doll. B assured her, "That's okay. Yours is a Canadian Girl doll."

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