Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday: Things I've Heard About Me

For today's list, five things that I've either read, heard or been told about myself.

1. (From one of my best friends): "Well OF COURSE you're not good at that. I'm not either. That's totally right brained or left brained or you know, whichever brain we don't have." 

2. (From one of my daughter's best friends): "Whenever I think of Bride of Frankenstein, I think of your Mom."

3. (From my 9-year-old son when I got my hair cut): "Mom! Your new haircut makes you look so young. Like 35!"

4. (From my husband's elderly aunt's good friend, who introduced him to other friends this way): "This is so-and-so's nephew. His wife adopted three Black babies!"

5. (From the newspaper after the rapist was sentenced. A friend thought this description would offend me but to the contrary, I love it):

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