Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday: So That Happened

Things that happened and realizations I've had this week:

1.  After a summer hiatus, we had a productive meeting with The Meta Theatre Company on Monday night and I am so excited about the numerous projects we have lined up. I remembered once again how happy I am to be a part of a Social Justice Theatre Troupe. (Here's an article about one of the great things we're doing this fall: )

2. I went to my fifth middle school back to school night on Tuesday and realized I only have eight more to go. Yippee.

3. There was "suspicious activity" in our area on Wednesday so the schools were under lock out (where the kids operate on a normal schedule but nobody may go in or out of the building). The suspicious activity? Person jogging with a cell phone, passer by thought it was a gun and called the Police.

4. I went to my tenth grade school back to school night on Thursday and realized I only have four more to go. (I'll be running them myself soon I think. I totally have the deadpan "Famous Boy Scouts in history  . . . " speech down pat.)

5. And lastly I realized that even thought being able to run on a trail through the park and never see another soul is such a lovely luxury--when you twist your ankle really badly and nobody comes along to give you a hand it kind of sucks. (Hooray for cell phones! Good thing nobody thought mine was a gun!)

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